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St. Patrick's Day concert

at VereinsMAYERBühne in Gasthaus Mayer in Rekawinkel



recording of broadcast

The Austrian radio station OE1 presented our flautist Peter Aschenbrenner as an instrument maker in their programme Radiokolleg – "Klang aus Meisterhand". You can listen to the broadcast here:

Radio programme ORF OE1 (in German language)


Peter Aschenbrenner on the radio

Ö1 "Radiokolleg" - "Klang aus Meisterhand", 4. - 7. October 2010 between 9:45 and 10:00 and rerun between 22:40 and 22:55 Peter Aschenbrenner and other Austrian instrument makers will be presented.

Radio programme in German language!


Ciunas present themselves with a new appearance

Hard to miss: ciunas.at has a new outfit. The site is still under construction but will be completed soon. Check out the guestbook and let us know what you think about the change!