Modern Irish Folk is dependant on continual change, wthout losing contact to it's roots. Ciúnas' repertoire of jigs, reels, polkas and songs reflects this passion and freedom inherent in Irish music. The groups performances include original tunes by Peter Aschenbrenner and songs by Eddie McLachlan. Unusual for this kind of music is the casual and often hilarious banter between band members and audiences that make every concert unique.

If you ask yourself what "ciúnas" means -  translated from the Irish it means literally silence. In schools in Ireland it is the word most often used by teachers to call pupils to order and in pubs by the barman for the audience to shut up and listen to the music.

  • Eddie McLachlan - guitar, bouzouki, spoons, vocals
  • Peter Aschenbrenner - flute, whistles, soprano saxophone, bodhrán, vocals
  • Toni Burger - violin, spoons, vocals
  • Alex Meissl - bass
  • Since 2013 a regular member of Ciúnas -  Agnes Milewski  - vocals, guitar

When things are tight and the tourdates of the musicians allow, Ciúnas can also perform with a smaller number of musicians.

If you want to know more about the bands background, make sure to check out their history