To perform at an Irish themed vernissage exhibiting water colour paintings Ciunas was founded in 1997 under the name The Gravel Band. The original members were Eddie McLachlan, Peter Aschenbrenner and Regina Schabasser

The Gravel Walk

The first CD The Gravel Walk was released in the same year the band was founded, 1997. You can listen to some samples in the Discography section. This CD is rather traditional.

"The Gravel Band" became "Ciúnas"

Two years later Sonja McLachan joined the group and it became a foursome. A new name was found - Ciúnas

Celtic Tiger

The second CD Celtic Tiger was released in 2001. in addition to traditionals this CD contains three songs by Eddie McLachlan.

Video clip

The song Celtic Tiger inspired the filmmaker Bettina Schimak to make a video clip. Thus Ciúnas and some fans as well as Daragh Grey McLachlan joined the team of "Wiener Wälder Productions" at the "Villa Kunterbunt" in Pressbaum in February 2004 for the shooting which was continued in Vienna later.

You can watch the video and a few photos here.

Life is variation

Spring 2009 Sonja and Regina left the group. Eddie and Peter soon found two excellent musicians to complete the foursome again.

Toni Burger violinist from Bad Aussee (a Celtic stronghold in the High Alps) is a master of all styles. At long last a violin in the groups sound.
Michael Hecht from Freiburg in Germany is a doyenne on the bass – six string or double-bass – an inspiring addition to the band.

York Street Graffiti

The release of the third album York Street Graffiti was in May 2011.

a new bass player

since autumn 2011 the young bass player Alex Meissl is responsible for the low notes with Ciúnas. Like Toni Burger he lifes in the center (the celtic heart) of Austria.

A femal voice again

2012 the singer Agnes Milewski started to take part with Ciúnas. Her voice goes perfectly with the Irish music. From the very beginning she took the audience by storm.